I want to know how

the food I eat is

Introducing the Foostainable app... Showing you a new way to take care of the environment and your health through better food choices.

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Eating healthy and taking care of the environment doesn't have to be hard.

We make it easy.

Step 1

Find a meal and share it with our app. You can use a link from your favourite recipe website or add the ingredients yourself.

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Adding a meal

Step 2

Discover how planet friendly and nutritious your food is.
Learn how much water is used and how much CO2eq is emitted to make one serving of your meal.

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Foostainable envirionmental impact summary

Step 3

Tweak your recipe, discover how much water and CO2 you can save & boost your nutritions

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Foostainble Feature

And to wrap it all up - your very own food journal

Save all your meals, track your progress and discover how your choices influence both the planet and your health.

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Foostainble Feature

This is how we do it

Our scoring engine dissects each ingredient used in a recipe and determines if it's good for your body 💪 & kind to our planet 🌎.

Foostainable soup example Foostainable soup example